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Mike Kulaga, General Manager of King Limo, Inc., USA

"We wanted our website to be visually pleasing and easy to navigate with a professional design that effectively promotes our service offerings. E-SoftSys team did a fine job in helping us to achieve our objectives. Their team demonstrated a high level of professionalism right from the initial requirements analysis stage to prototype development, website programming, deployment and search engine optimization. They stayed right on target, provided regular updates on the status of the project and were always receptive to feedback and changes. We look forward to continuing our professional relationship with E-SoftSys and have no hesitation in recommending their website design, development and SEO services to other companies."


Graham Gross, Vice President for Finance and Development, Peripheral Dynamics Inc., USA.

Tell every one thanks and great job on the design, development and search engine optimization of our new website http://www.VisionShape.com. Every thing went well. Your team was fast and responsive, they have been creative with ideas, and yet responsive to the direction we gave them. The face to face meeting with your Project Manager helped a lot. Everyone gets applause.

I have also received good comments from others in our organization about our products logos created by E-SoftSys multi-media team. Just the right blend of whimsy and function. Congratulations to your team again. Look forward to similar successes with other projects in future.


John Owens, CEO, Sun & Earth, USA.

E-SoftSys customized their e-commerce solution E-BusinessPro to meet our unique requirements related to online sales of our products. E-SoftSys e-commerce solution has helped us to increase revenue, improve customer service to our online customers and reduced the amount of time our staff spends in processing online orders. We are pleased with E-BusinessPro features and the user friendly interface.

We found E-SoftSys development and support teams extremely responsive in understanding and implementing our needs. We are impressed with E-SoftSys ability to make quick enhancements and customizations to E-BusinessPro to meet our unique needs.


Chris Crane, President and C.E.O. of Logistics Software Company, USA.

Deciding to utilize the services of an offshore company, while it has obvious financial benefits, is a difficult decision to make. How will it operate from so far away and so many miles? Will we be able to communicate effectively? Can we trust them? I decided to overcome these fears and give E-SoftSys a chance. They have met my expectations and brought a new cost model to my business. I am very pleased with the results, and most of all I can trust them.

E-SoftSys has provided the client with systems analysts and programmers, operating both in the USA and in India. They have managed projects for us and provided specialized expertise for particular projects. They are smart, hard working, thorough and follow-up with professional project reporting.

E-SoftSys has provided us with expertise in Uniface, Visual Basic, and SQL.

Some of the client projects worked on by E-SoftSys include:

  ServicePoint, Web Based Help Desk System.

  Alliance Freight Forwarding Module.

  CargoPoint Freight Forwarding and Customs system.

We expect that our relationship with E-SoftSys will continue to our mutual benefit for many years to come. I would recommend them highly.


Kevin Rhone, President and C.E.O. Human Resource Software Company, USA.

E-SoftSys has provided the client with high quality and on-time software development and maintenance services for over one year. We have used E-SoftSys for such services as systems analysis, design, specifications, coding and custom modifications, in addition to creating Developer’s Guides, On-line Help and User’s Guides. Some of these projects have been development of add-on modules to existing products. Their ability to provide highly skilled developers on-site in a short timeframe allowed us to complete product enhancements and new releases on time and to respond quickly to custom modification requests. We are very pleased with their cost-effective onsite and offshore services, and their ability to adapt quickly to our work environment and development standards.

E-SoftSys has worked in our development environment using ASP 3.0, DHTML, VB 6.0, Microsoft Visual FoxPro, SQL Server 2000, Oracle 8.0, HTML authoring, customized languages under the NT and Unix operating systems.

Some of the client projects worked on by E-SoftSys include:

  SmartStaff Scheduling System

  SmartStaff Custom Programming.

  Kiosk Swap Module

  SmartLink Data Collection enhancements.

We intend to continue to use E-SoftSys onsite and offshore software development, software maintenance and quality assurance services to compliment our internal development and technical resources.


Jeff Skveresky, President of Manufacturing & Distributor Company, USA.

Jeff Skveresky's company is a distributor of specialty fasteners to United States government and leading manufacturers. E-SoftSys developed a RFQ and quoting software called SmartQuotes using Microsoft technology to automate all quoting related activities with Vendors and Customers by facilitating the online submission of quote requests, quotes and purchase orders through a web based interface.

According to Jeff Skveresky, "With SmartQuotes we have significantly increased the number RFQs we bid on and reduced the quoting cycle and associated costs. SmartQuotes has resulted in increased business, improved customer service and better vendor relations. We are pleased with E-SoftSys technical expertise, their ability to quickly add new features and the quality and responsiveness of their customer support."


Ron DeMarco, Director of Marketing, Peripheral Dynamics Inc., USA.

I wanted to take a moment to thank Rajesh and the E-SoftSys team for the good job E-SoftSys did in helping our company to design and develop our nine new product data sheets in time for our upcoming trade show.The work was accurate and your feel for continuity throughout our literature was excellent. I particularly found our primary contact, Rajesh Labh, to be conscientious, quite competent and very pleasant to work with during this project. We were working to a very tight deadline and the turnaround time on the initial design and production and on the changes was fast.

I would absolutely recommend E-SoftSys to anyone who is looking for either Internet design, development and production or literature preparation and production. You did a great job at a good price and actually completed this project before our targeted deadline.


Chuck Kane, General Manager, Rice's Market, USA.

Rices Market, Inc., one of the oldest and largest flea markets in USA, needed a customizable graphical layout of their market to show available booths to their vendors. The Booth Tracker system, product from E-SoftSys provided them the ability to see open and rented booths through a graphical interface and made it easier for their vendors to choose locations.

According to Rices Market General Manager Chuck Kane, "As a result of implementing the Booth Tracker, a booth reservation system from E-SoftSys, our rental process is now much faster and more accurate. Our shoppers are now able to get product and location information at the touch of a button. I can also track outstanding balances and generate collection letters for past due balances very easily. There are many management reports that give me all historical and revenue related information instantaneously."


Barry Mazin , Project Manager - Internet Applications Development Group , Catalyst International, USA.

E-SoftSys provided Catalyst International with software development services for a cutting edge B2B software project. The project involved developing a sophisticated Internet Exchange coupled with high-volume transaction processing. This application addresses supply chain needs for Purchase Order Visibility and Advance Ship Notice processing. The technology requirements centered on the Internet, XML, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows NT Server, MTS, IIS and Microsoft's Visual Studio. E-SoftSys was able to supply web developers and database-oriented component developers in a remarkably short timeframe and at very competitive rates. The E-SoftSys personnel had precisely the correct skill set, work ethic, and personalities to fit right into our team and "hit the deck running". Catalyst is ISO 9001 certified and requires its developers to adhere to strict development standards. The E-SoftSys developers adapted to our engineering discipline with no difficulty. Both an aggressive schedule and a conservative budget challenged Catalyst's supply chain project. E-SoftSys timely help was critical in keeping this project on track. We intend to use E-SoftSys services in future projects and will also explore the use of their offshore development facilities. We view this kind of software development partnership as a critical factor for meeting our human resource needs.